“I thought of streams, scarlet streams, boiling, invigorating, fluid groups of…” A bell button pushed, a chime, a man leaving his seat, interrupted the flow. A man walking from a room to a corridor to a door distracted her. Two people talking at each other, arguing, distracted her. She sat in silence, distracted and desperately […]


Swirling, abounding, announcing changes, water particles carried and swam alongside particles of earth. Colder at this point than he had been, as the day had begun. He was hungrier than he had been at that point, and he expected to remain hungry for a considerable time. A crack, a step, he heard.

Sticks for stories

I was writing, thinking, with pencil and paper. I was thinking, writing, of the trees from which the pencil and paper had been cut and pulped, and of the stories that I had cut and pulped, about kicking leaves around the trees, along a golden path around the trees, the ones that had given us […]

Daft expressions

Gosh, it is intense, That consecutive, cumulative experience Of believing That each second represents That peak, That apex, Of one’s passion for another, That we seek, and Of finding the following second dismisses That belief, That the reality is Of a deeper, stronger passion. It is nobody’s business, other than That Of me and mine. […]

Of you and me

Bubbles flow between our minds, Ideas of many different kinds, As we speed from one thought to another, Enjoying much of the ground that we cover, With eyes that are both large and bright, And set to take in just one sight, A face and form we like to see, Not just sometimes, but frequently. […]

Empty your mind

Empty your mind. Leave your thoughts behind. Soon, you will find A peace, an ease, A god upon your troubled seas. You will see, the smallest things can please, If you take a little time to tease The beautiful being within. Step away from the trouble you find yourself in. Let goodness fight this time, […]